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You or your loved ones may have fixed view about your funeral arrangements. Perhaps it’s because you’d like minimal fuss and want a direct cremation. Or maybe there are worries about how the funeral would be paid for, so you want to keep costs as low as possible.

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to specify your funeral arrangements, your funeral provider, and to make payment for it now at todays’s costs. The money is kept in trust until the funeral takes place, when it is released to the funeral provider to pay the associated fees.

This involves putting the asset – the money or property – into a Trust for a period of time. Whilst in the Trust, the asset is looked after by Trustees. They manage the Trust until such time as the asset is transferred out to the new owner, the beneficiary.

The plan is tailored to your wishes. You can determine a whole range of elements, such as the type and design of the coffin, how many funeral cars to have, whether there is a separate memorial service or a simple committal, and more.

Our role is to establish your wishes for your funeral or that of your loved one. Then we review the range of Pre-paid Funeral Plans available, select those which best meet your needs, and go through them with you in detail.

We will talk to you about the cancellation policy; how to make changes to the plan; whether there are elements of the funeral arrangements which may not be covered; and, if so, how these could be paid for. We want you to be confident the Plan covers all the aspects of the funeral which are important to you.

When you have chosen the final product, we will complete the application paperwork for you and arrange the purchase. The Plan and all the associated paperwork will be sent directly to you for your records.

Payment can be made in full at the outset. Many people choose to pay by monthly instalment, and we will discuss the most appropriate option with you.

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Funeral Plans

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